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A Hollywood Hills home has apparently become a favored route for a local mountain lion confirmed to be Griffith Park’s famous P-22.

Video posted by @kdprince on Instagram Tuesday and shared with KTLA shows the big cat strolling through the darkness and past the front door of a neighborhood home.

“And just like that… the king himself shows up. Again,” a post on @animalsatmyfrontdoor showing a different angle of the same visit read.

The profile’s creator, Kevin Prince, says it’s the fourth time the mountain lion has visited the home.

Prince was heading home one day when he first spotted the big cat. After that, he decided to install cameras, so people would believe that he actually came very close to a mountain lion.

“This is an insane story, having a lion in your way on your way home,” Prince said.

“We’re living in his world, he’s not living in our world,” Prince said, adding that the mountain lion has posed no threat to him or his neighbors.

He likened spotting the big cat to a celebrity sighting.

The National Parks Service eventually confirmed Wednesday that the mountain lion spotted in Prince’s neighborhood is indeed P-22.

The cougar has been visible of late, being spotted in the Silver Lake area as recently as March 8.

That sighting was confirmed by NPS Santa Monica Public Affairs Officer Ana Beatriz Cholo.

“Lions sometimes go into weird spots. We can’t read their minds. We don’t know why they’re going where they’re going,” Cholo said following the sighting.

Cholo said the NPS has been tracking the 12-year-old cougar for about 10 years.