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First come the rains, then come the potholes.

They are once again plaguing Southern California commuters after recent rains slammed the region.

A lane was closed on the northbound 71 Freeway in Pomona while crews tried to fill large potholes. Workers ran out of materials to fix them and the lane reopened in the meantime.

While rain is expected to continue through Wednesday, Caltrans will work during breaks to fill the potholes and clear drainage channels that carry water away from the freeways, said Michael Comeaux, a spokesman for the agency.

“Water creates multiple issues on freeways, so the entire drainage system is important,” he added.

The California Highway Patrol also asked Caltrans to assess yet another area of the freeway for huge potholes.

At one point, about 50 vehicles had to pull over along the problem stretch of the 71 Freeway, most of them had flat tires, according to the CHP. Drivers are being asked to avoid the area, if possible.

CHP Officer Joseph Davila advised motorists encountering issues on a highway to call authorities to help out, especially if they are stranded. Otherwise, it’s important to notify their insurance company of any major damage caused by potholes.

Click here for more information about how to get reimbursed for repairs.

Drivers can call 311 to report potholes or submit a damage claim with Caltrans on their website.

The series of storms dating back to January has dumped enough rain to make a mess of local roads and highways.