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A protester whose testicle exploded into pieces when he was shot with a hard-foam projectile by a Los Angeles police officer during demonstrations against police brutality last summer filed a federal lawsuit Monday alleging excessive force and other violations of his constitutional rights.

The lawsuit, which names the city and LAPD Chief Michel Moore as defendants, challenges a finding by the department’s Use of Force Review Board, made public Friday, that the officer was in policy when he shot 29-year-old Ben Montemayor at a protest in Hollywood in June.

The lawsuit cites multiple “after-action” reviews that in recent weeks have catalogued failures by the LAPD to properly prepare for the protests or train its officers on the use of such projectiles, and argues those failures were a “moving force” behind Montemayor’s injuries.

In an interview with The Times on Monday, Montemayor said he hoped his case — which seeks unspecified monetary damages — helps hold the LAPD accountable and protect future protesters by challenging the false narrative that such projectiles aren’t capable of inflicting serious harm.

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