Families displaced by a 2021 explosion in South Los Angeles have gathered outside the Mayor’s Mansion in Hancock Park Wednesday morning demanding a meeting with Karen Bass.

The protesters, carrying megaphones, signs and a banner calling for the arrest of the officers involved in the blast, were seen outside the mansion by 5:30 a.m.

It’s been more than 800 days since the Los Angeles Police Department attempted to safely detonate 16 tons of illegal fireworks found at a home on East 27th Street.

Protesters outside Los Angeles Mayor's Mansion
Protest grows outside Karen Bass’ L.A. Mayor’s Mansion on Sept. 20, 2023. (KTLA)

Unfortunately, the armored containment vessel the fireworks were placed in was overloaded and exploded, injuring at least 17 people, and damaging or destroying 37 vehicles, 13 businesses and 22 residential properties.

Some of the displaced residents have been living in a hotel since the blast because their homes still have not been repaired.

Many are experiencing financial hardships due to the incident and say they have not received help from the mayor’s office.

The protesters say they have written to Mayor Bass seven times over the last three months with no response.

A statement from Mayor Bass’ office Wednesday said they are working on the issue and denied ignoring the families.

“The Mayor’s Office will continue to work with the local council office and our City Departments towards assisting these families. Earlier this month, members of senior staff met in the Mayor’s office with some of the impacted families and reaffirmed that commitment.”