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U.S. Rep. Karen Bass unveiled her public safety plan on Tuesday, saying that as mayor she would move 250 Los Angeles police officers out of desk jobs and into patrols, while ensuring that the department returns to its authorized strength of 9,700 officers.

Bass said she would push to hire hundreds of additional civilian employees at the LAPD, in a bid to free up officers from performing clerical duties. She also called for the department to add more detectives and investigators, noting that the LAPD solved slightly just over half of the city’s murders in 2020.

In a letter accompanying her plan, Bass concluded that residents of Los Angeles “don’t feel safe today.”

“Whether you’ve had your car broken into, your backpack stolen, your property damaged — or you’ve seen news coverage of home robberies, or violent assaults — more and more Angelenos I speak with tell me crime has touched them personally, and they feel scared,” said Bass, a Democrat who has been in Congress for more than a decade.

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