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A 5- to- 6 month-old Chihuahua was found with chemical burns in Boyle Heights Thursday morning, marking the first case of a possible acid attack on a dog in the city of Los Angeles, officials said.

The injured puppy, believed to be a stray, was discovered by a good Samaritan in an undisclosed part of Boyle Heights and then brought to an area shelter, according to Brenda Barnette with L.A. Animal Services Department.

Staff veterinarians and a medical team were treating the small dog, whose prognosis was “guarded,” Barnette said.

Photos of the wounded puppy provided by Barnette showed severe red burn marks to both sides of its face and under its neck. The dog’s body was wrapped up in some sort of bandage.

“Puppies are resilient so we hope for the best,” she wrote in an email.

The case marked at least the ninth time in recent months that a dog was found with chemical burns in Los Angeles and Kern counties. Most of the incidents were in the Antelope Valley.

A majority of the animals survived their injuries, but two dogs were so badly burned that officials said they had to be euthanized.

Thursday’s case was the first reported instance in the city of L.A., according to Barnette.

A reward in the cases was increased to $50,000 last month.

Anyone with information about the person or persons involved in the latest incident was asked to contact the Animal Cruelty Task Force at 213-486-0450.