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A puppy picked up during a March drug bust in Tustin has tested positive for methamphetamine and heroin, prompting authorities to treat the canine for a drug addiction, police said this week.

Bubba the puppy is seen in a photo released by the Tustin Police Department.
Bubba the puppy is seen in a photo released by the Tustin Police Department.

Tustin Police Lt. Robert Wright tells CNN that the dog named Bubba was found in a motel room after officers served an arrest warrant for Joshua West, 40, on March 22.

West was on parole for drug violations, said Wright. Police reported a “large quantity of illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia” were found in the room along with used needles.

Another person was also arrested in connection with the incident, authorities said.

The terrier mix puppy was turned over to Orange County Animal Care (OCAC) and transported to its facility. Police say they were contacted later that the dog may have been under the influence of drugs.

Bubba’s toxicology results showed he tested positive for nicotine, meth and heroin in his system, according to police.

It was unclear how exactly the narcotics got into the dog’s system, with the Tustin Police Department only commenting in a Facebook post that it was “due to living with his drug using owners.”

The dog was successfully treated for drug addiction and is now said to be doing “excellent,” according to the post.

“Bubba is still receiving medical care and once he is fully recovered, he will be placed with a rescue organization who can find him a forever home that can provide the proper care he will need in the future,” the post stated.

Tustin Police say they have asked the Orange County District Attorney to charge West with animal cruelty based on Bubba’s toxicology results along with illegal drug possession. He’s already been booked into the Orange County jail for the outstanding warrant, said Wright.

The other person arrested was not immediately identified.

KTLA’s Tracy Bloom contributed to this story.