Southern Californians awoke Thursday to what has become a surprisingly common sight this year: rain.

The storms Wednesday night and Thursday morning brought rainfall, snow and even isolated reports of lightning.

The National Weather Service estimated that coastal and valley areas would receive 0.5 to 1 inch of rain, while 1 to 2 inches was expected in mountain and foothill areas.

“The threat of debris flows over recent burn areas is minimal to non-existent,” the NWS added. “Slippery roads and outdoor activities will be affected. Minor roadway flooding and hazardous driving is possible due to slick roads.”

High-elevation areas also received some snow, adding to what had already been a historic season.

“Snow levels will be at about 5,000, 5,500 feet, and we could get 4 to 6 inches of snow above 6,000 feet today,” said KTLA’s Henry DiCarlo.

In isolated areas, up to 14 inches is possible, the NWS added.

  • Rain poured near the Hollywood Bowl on May 4, 2023. (KeyNews.TV)
  • Snow fell in the San Bernardino Mountains on May 4, 2023. (OnScene.TV)
  • Rain fell in Ventura County on May 4, 2023. (KeyNews.TV)
  • Downtown Los Angeles freeways were slick with rain on May 4, 2023. (KeyNews.TV)

Don’t expect the precipitation to stick around, however.

“We’ll get to scattered showers and some sunshine this afternoon,” DiCarlo said.