‘Ray Donovan’ Actor Pooch Hall Arrested in Burbank After Allegedly Driving Under the Influence With Son on His Lap

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Marion “Pooch” Hall, an actor who appears the hit Showtime show “Ray Donovan,” was arrested in Burbank Wednesday night after allegedly driving under the influence while his 2-year-old son sat on his lap, officials said.

Hall, 44, of Sherman Oaks, was arrested after a crash was reported in the 200 block of North Buena Vista Street about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to the Burbank Police Department.

Witnesses saw Hall driving a Chrysler 300 and weaving in and out of traffic with a child on his lap. One witness reported seeing the child’s hands on the steering wheel, police said.

Hall eventually crashed into a parked vehicle and was detained by authorities.

Francisco Ascencio lives near the crash site and said two cars were actually struck, one of which belongs to him. Ascencio said he witnessed the aftermath after hearing a commotion in the street.

“We just hear this loud bang, like screeching noise, so we run out,” he told KTLA. “Unfortunately our car was hit, the neighbor’s car was hit.”

Ascencio said he briefly interacted with Hall, but didn’t recognize him from his acting work.

“I ran toward where the driver was at, just to make sure everything’s OK,” Ascencio said. “He was I guess a little in shock too, then he was apologizing. He’s like, ‘I’m sorry for hitting your car.’ ”

Ascencio didn’t spot the child until later. “He walked around, he opened the door, and I guess it’s his child in the front seat,” he said.

The child’s car seat was in the rear seating area, Ascencio noted.

“If he wasn’t in the car seat, how they’re supposed to, there’s really no excuse to that,” he said.

Officials later determined the child was in fact Hall’s 2-year-old son, who was not restrained.

Police said Hall “displayed obvious signs of alcohol intoxication and was unable to perform standardized field sobriety tests.”

According to Ascencio, the actor “was a little slow, his balance was off.” Ascencio said he also noticed “a smell of alcohol.”

The Burbank resident described the incident as “shocking.” Drinking and driving by itself is bad enough, Ascencio said, “but the fact that you have a child, a minor – why put their life in danger?”

Hall was arrested and booked on suspicion of DUI and child endangerment, police said.

No injuries were reported during the incident and the boy was released to his mother, Hall’s wife.

Aside from “Ray Donovan,” Hall also appeared in “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and and the Notorious B.I.G.” and “Suits,” according to IMDB.

KTLA’s Erika Martin contributed to this report.

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