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With more than a foot of fresh snow falling in Big Bear since Wednesday, snowboarders and skiers were packed up and ready to head to the fresh powder Friday morning. Unfortunately, getting to the resorts in the San Bernardino Mountains was extremely difficult.

Snow Summit and Big Bear Mountain Resort — which are open — reported 12 to 16 inches of fresh snow in the past 48 hours, but also warned drivers to check road conditions before heading up.

That’s because the majority of roads to Big Bear were closed Friday morning, and some will remain closed for at least a couple of weeks.

The routes up from Highway 330 and 18 are blocked due to a rockslide that occurred on Valentine’s Day. That passage way will likely remain closed until at least March 9, according to

Cars are also being turned around on Highway 38 in the Forest Falls area due to dozens of small avalanches. Local residents are being allowed in but no one else, according to officials.

Two disappointed travelers had to come up with a change of plans in order to get their snowboarding fix in for the day.

“Mountain High it is,” one of them said before they turned around and headed to the Wrightwood resort.

There is, however, one route to Big Bear that was open Friday morning.

Highway 18 from Lucerne Valley on the north side of the mountains was open to those willing to make the drive. Drivers were told to be sure and bring their chains.

Unfortunately, not even Highway 18 from Lucerne Valley will help those hoping to reach Snow Valley. The resort located in the Running Springs area is completely cut off and has been refunding customers for their tickets.