The Redondo Beach Police Department urged residents to shelter in place for more than two and a half hours Saturday due to police activity in the town that neighbors said was an active shooter.

The majority of the police activity happened along the 200 block of North Irena Avenue, the Police Department said, but police were also on scene on nearby streets.

The Police Department said residents on Irena Avenue were specifically requested to shelter in place “until further notice.”

Just after 4 p.m., police lifted the shelter-in-place order, though a “crime scene investigation” was underway and the roads remained closed to traffic for “an unknown duration.”

“There is no longer a threat to the public,” police added.

Neighbors told KTLA that the incident involved a man who fired upon a real estate agent who was there to show the other half of the duplex in which the shooter lived.

The real estate agent was not injured, a fellow realtor said.

In a press release, police later confirmed that the shooter fired “outside his residence, and struck several nearby vehicles.”

“One vehicle was occupied; however, no injuries were sustained,” police added.

The gunman’s wife called 911 and a SWAT team arrived on scene, ordering the shooter to lay down his gun and come outside, neighbors said, though he did not comply.

The shooter, who has not yet been identified, was found dead inside his home “from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound” when police entered.