With less than two days until the election, it appears to be a toss-up between mayoral candidates Rep. Karen Bass and developer Rick Caruso, with recent polling showing them nearly tied.  

The latest L.A. Times poll shows Bass ahead at 45%, with Caruso nipping at that lead with 41%, a lead that is within the poll’s margin of error. Additionally, the poll found 13% of voters are still undecided.  

“The L.A. mayor’s race has come down to the wire, which is really exciting for a city that has not experienced a competitive mayor’s race for quite some time,” Political Analyst Matt Klink said, “and frankly, it’s a city that’s in quite a degree of turmoil, so the race takes on added stakes in two days for the City of Los Angeles voters.”  

On Sunday, the developer continued his four-day bus tour, starting off in Sylmar where he talked to residents of the San Fernando Valley. He then made his way to West Hills where he met with the United Firefighters of L.A. City and greeted members of the business community.  

Over the weekend, Bass visited South L.A. where she has lived and worked much of her life as an activist, community organizer and, later, as a member of Congress.  

She was also in the Valley on Sunday, visiting Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Mar Vista and was ending her day at her headquarters in Baldwin Hills.  

KTLA was with both candidates throughout the day as they made their final push and pledge to voters.  

“Well, I think it’s going to be decided by a lot of people who probably, traditionally, haven’t voted, but they have gotten so tired of the state of the city and the career politicians not hearing them that they are moving towards me,” Caruso said. “And what I’m saying to them is, ‘I hear you,’ and we will change this city and make it more livable.”  

“…I know looking at the coalition that is here that we can garner our power by coming together from all parts of the city and we’ve been rocking and rolling on that bus,” Bass said.  

So far, 15% ballots have been turned in to the city and experts predicted a 55%-58% turnout on election day itself, meaning an overwhelming number of votes are still to come in.