Rescued Green Sea Turtle Returns to the Waves in Seal Beach

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A juvenile green sea turtle nicknamed “Jelly” has a second chance at life in the wild Tuesday when staff from the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach set the animal free at Seal Beach after rehabilitating it from a fish hook injury.

The 21-inch-long turtle, which belongs to a threatened species, was accidentally caught three weeks ago by fishermen in Morro Bay, Aquarium of the Pacific Veterinarian Lance Adams told KTLA. It was brought to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach due to the staff’s experience in treating and releasing injured sea turtles.

“The animal had the hook lodged in it’s throat,” Adams said. But it’s doing much better now.

“Jelly is healed from having the hook taken out,” Adams said. “She’s been doing really well in rehabilitation, and she’s ready to go back out to the sea.

The rescuers gave the turtle it’s nickname due to green turtles’ favorite food, jellyfish.

Jelly has been fitted with a microchip ID.

It was released to cheers near the mouth of the San Gabriel River, which has warm waters and is a natural migratory habitat for green sea turtles, Adams said.

While they don’t create breeding colonies in California, sea turtles live off the California coast year round, he said.

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