Riverside auto repair shop damaged after car plows through building

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A Riverside auto repair shop is working to repair its newly opened location after a car crashed into the building last week.

Marco Avalos, co-owner of Cali Streets Tire, said he was doing business as usual on Thursday when suddenly a car came smashing through his shop and into the waiting room.

“I was just pumping away at work and then all of a sudden, the next thing I know, I see a car bulldozing through the shop,” Avalos said.

This means the shop is out of work for at least a week, Avalos said.

Cali Streets Tire, has been serving customers in Riverside, Corona, Norco and surrounding areas since 2006. Last year, the business opened its third location on 10206 Hole Avenue in the La Sierra neighborhood.

David Hernandez, who co-owns Cali Streets Tire, said he was on the phone when he heard the crash and then took off running.

“I still have you know my heart beating still,” Hernandez said.

The business owner said a mechanic at another shop next door was trying to jumpstart a Corvette when he accidentally put the car in drive, which sent the vehicle flying through Cali Streets Tires.

The car smashed through the shop’s lobby and came to a full stop just before hitting the waiting room, video from one of the business’ camera showed.

The damage will take thousands of dollars to rebuild, the owners said.  

“We just got to make the best of it,” Avalos said. “We just gotta go with the punches and continue doing what we do.”

Avalos and Hernandez are grateful that the situation wasn’t worse. They said the incident is just another reminder that workers need to take extra precaution.

Just minutes before the Corvette came smashing through, customers in cars were in the direct path of the runaway Corvette. But no one got hurt from the crash. 

“I can’t believe it,” Hernandez said. “God did something for us and everybody.”

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