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Authorities in Riverside County are reaching out to 324 people who got Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses that were stored in the freezer longer than recommended by the manufacturer, the Riverside University Health System announced Wednesday.

Officials said there is no danger to the recipients.

“Even though these vaccines may have had improper storage from freezer to refrigeration to administration, they do not pose a danger to patients, but may have lost their potency which may impact the vaccine ability to protect against COVID-19,” the health system said in a news release.

The vaccinations were given out at two community health center sites in Riverside County and the error was discovered on Tuesday after staff reviewed their logs.

Patients were given the shots at Jurupa Valley (CHC) on 8876 Mission Blvd. in Jurupa Valley between Oct. 8 and Nov. 23, and at the Riverside Neighborhood Clinic on 7140 Indiana Avenue in Riverside between Oct. 23 and Nov. 23

Since the vaccines may have lost their potency due to the extended storage, it is recommended that the affected recipients get a repeat dose, officials said. 

Riverside University Health staff started reaching out to the vaccine recipients involved, according to the news release.

Those who received the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at either of the locations during the same time frame can call 951-782-2976 before 5 p.m. if they are not contacted by CHC staff by Thursday. If calling after the Thanksgiving holiday, contact 800-945-6171.

Riverside officials said they have implemented measures to prevent this from happening again.