Riverside locals are upset over excessive speeding in a neighborhood after a violent, head-on crash killed an 8-year-old boy and left four others hospitalized.

Neighbors who live in the area said speeding is an ongoing issue.

On Tuesday, the fatal collision happened on Arlington and Stover Avenues, where a makeshift memorial can now be seen near the crash site.

Residents said they’re fed up with the constant speeding on that particular stretch of Arlington Avenue and are demanding change before another tragedy strikes.

“I’m guessing nothing’s going to really change,” said Chas Estus, a local resident.

Estus has been living in the neighborhood for 22 years and said there’s at least one accident every month.

The dangerous stretch of Arlington Avenue in Riverside where locals say drivers are constantly speeding. (KTLA)
The dangerous stretch of Arlington Avenue in Riverside where locals say drivers are constantly speeding. (KTLA)

When the most recent collision occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Estus said his wife was inside their home when she heard a loud boom.

“She came out, I think she was one of the first to call 911,” recalled Estus. “She could not go any farther to the crash site itself just because of how bad it was.”

Security video from a neighbor showed the driver of a Honda apparently losing control and veering into the path of an oncoming Nissan. The violent impact killed an 8-year-old boy and left four others hospitalized in critical to serious conditions.

Police believe the 25-year-old woman driving the Nissan was possibly taking her three siblings to school that morning. Her teenage brother and younger sister remain in critical condition on Wednesday night.

The man driving the Honda was hospitalized in serious condition.

“It’s pretty fast-paced here,” said Vaneza Casillas, a resident. “I wouldn’t even let [my kids] walk home. Even though there’s a crosswalk lady, the traffic goes too fast.”

Locals said it’s not only nearby homes that are at risk, but several schools are located less than a mile away from the dangerous roads.

Neighbors are pushing to get some type of traffic signal installed.

On Wednesday, a Riverside spokesperson said, “While the dynamics of this terrible accident are still being investigated, it may be helpful to know the City Council approved a traffic signal for this intersection, which is expected to be completed and energized by October. The lead time for signal poles is lengthy as they are built to order and constructed outside California.”

Some residents, however, believe the time frame is not soon enough.

“I understand it’s October,” said Estus. “I’m hoping that they can do something a little sooner, even if it’s one of the pop-up speed limit signs.”

Authorities are pulling the event data recorders from the two vehicles involved in the deadly crash along with studying tread marks and security video to determine who was at fault.

“A video does help tremendously, but we can’t just base our conclusions just solely on a video,” explained Ryan Railsback with Riverside Police. “We have to base it on the actual physical evidence.”

Officials are also investigating whether alcohol played a factor in the deadly collision.