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The downtown Los Angeles warehouse where a local rock band, Spindrift, practices and houses their equipment was burglarized last weekend.

Spindrift has been around almost two decades, and the group was on tour and about to release a new record when the pandemic hit. They were forced to end the tour and delay the release of their album. Then, they were hit with another blow when they got a call saying their warehouse had been burglarized.

Riley Bray, the bass player of Spindrift, says the band estimate their losses to be about $30,000, and the others who share the warehouse to have another $30,000 in losses.

“What we’ve pieced together is that two suspects came in through the side, jumped one fence, another fence, came under a third fence and then breached the building by cutting through the back wall into our bathroom,” Bray said.

That happened on Nov. 13, but then the burglars came back Nov. 14 and cleaned the place out, with several suspects on bikes and in vehicles, the band says. The following day, Nov. 15, they were caught in the act.

“It was actually discovered by one of our neighbors, who is a friend of ours, and saw people loading gear out the front and was like, what are you guys doing?” Bray said. “It was a woman. She said, ‘These people are moving out.’ He said, ‘I don’t think they’re moving out, I know them. Let me give them a call and that caused them to flee the scene.”

The band says they lost their PA system, microphones, pedals, cables, speakers, lighting equipment, guitars and many custom pieces that can’t be replaced.

Michael Orr, who shares the warehouse space and works in television and film production, says he had a lot of equipment stolen too.

“They spooked them to where they ran off. They dropped everything that was lined up out front that they had in their hands, they dropped everything and drove off,” Orr said. “They even stole food. There was a desperation gone through this place… It’s horrible for us because we’re not made of money.”

Detectives working on finding the suspects are looking at surveillance video from the area.

“I feel bad for those people that are so desperate that they have to do something like this, but at the same time, I know artists are struggling,” said guitarist Becca Davidson. “We can’t play shows, we can’t go on tour.”

Bray added, “At the end of the day, I don’t wish them ill will. We just want our tools back so we can do our job.”

Spindrift’s new album “Presale” goes live on Monday. They are asking fans who want to help them to purchase a copy.