Police in Pomona are working to identify and locate a woman who has caused thousands of dollars in damage to several buildings – including a church – over the last several months. 

One building that has been vandalized repeatedly is the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Pomona, and the attacks are leaving both clergy and parishioners on edge. 

“It is very disappointing and discouraging,” said Pastor Patrick Horn. “It’s close to a thousand dollars per month or so repairing windows and doors and locks, and it’s adding up. We are probably close to $20,000 over the last few years in just repairs.” 

  • Broken stained glass in a church
  • Smashed outdoor window of restaurant
  • Broken glass covered up by cardboard
  • Boarded up restaurant window

Residents believe that the recent uptick in vandalism is directly linked to an increase in homelessness in Pomona, and that the rock-throwing woman underscores a major problem for the city. 

“They are on our church steps every day, and at night they break in,” said Beth Brooks, a parishioner. “They’re doing drugs and leaving their trash and using the front of the church as a bathroom.” 

The house of worship isn’t the only place being targeted by the unknown vandal; a Chinese restaurant located down the street from the church has been hit by the same suspect six times in the last two weeks, leaving the owners with a costly repair bill. 

“We’re at our wit’s end,” said a man only identified as Danny, whose parents own Cachanilla Chinese Restaurant. “We just hate feeling powerless all the time.” 

No identifying information on the suspect has been released. 

Anyone with information regarding the vandalism is urged to contact the Pomona Police Department.