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Victorville dog owners were shocked when they saw a woman they had hired through pet care service abusing their beloved 10-week-old puppy.

The dog owners, Bryce and Amanda Horton, said they found this woman back in January and have been using her for pet care ever since – without any problems.

Then, on Saturday, through their home security camera, the Hortons saw the woman slam their puppy goldendoodle to the floor. The puppy is seen in the video whimpering and struggling to get up after the impact.

They took the dog to the vet and she is OK – no broken bones or serious injuries.

Rover told the Hortons the woman’s profile has been removed from the service and she’s been prevented from creating a new one. Rover also offered to help with vet bills and has been cooperating with San Bernardino County authorities.

But the whole ordeal left them shaken up. The couple said they posted the video online to warn people to be cautious about pet sitters.