Police in Burbank respond to a lot of strange calls, but this one will be hard to top.

Around midnight Monday, dispatchers received a report of a loose horse running “frantically” down the street in the area of Riverside Drive and Mariposa Street. The horse still had a saddle, leading the caller to believe the rider may have fallen off, police said.

Officers responded and found the horse grazing on the front lawn of a home. Another officer found the owner of the horse at the Mariposa Bridge in Burbank’s Equestrian District.

Instead of bringing in a trailer, Burbank Police turned to Officer Nicholas Moreno, who grew up around horses.

  • Burbank runaway horse
  • Burbank runaway horse

He “calmly mounted the animal” and rode it back to its owner “where the two were happily reunited,” police said.

The owner told police that Oreo had gotten spooked after their ride and ran off. 

No injuries were reported.