Caitlin Manor Haunted House has been a staple of spooky season in San Bernardino for about a decade now, and though this year is the last time the attraction will be put on, it almost didn’t make it to Halloween at all.

The popular attraction at 6880 Caitlin St. said on Facebook that 2022 will be “The Last Scare,” a “10th and final Haunt.”

The yearly tradition began as a fundraiser for the Cowan family’s terminally ill daughter Andrea, who is now 14 and in hospice care.

“We use it for extra medical supplies and stuff to help with her condition,” said Augie Cowan, Andrea’s father.

However, due to a violent incident and pressure from city officials, it looked like the haunted house could’ve been shut down before the manor could supply its final frights.

The planned grand finale comes a year after a shooting near the haunted house, which Augie said began after some guests were causing problems and were kicked out.

After they left, neighbors of the haunted house – which for most of the year is Augie’s home – filed complaints with the city.

“There were a few gunshots fired over there, and I guess a few people just didn’t want to have a haunted house over here anymore, even though we were not affiliated with what happened,” Augie said.

Augie brought his supporters to the San Bernardino City Council meeting on Wednesday to stand up for Caitlin Manor, and Councilman Ben Reynoso took the haunted house’s side.

Reynoso apologized for “being fully responsible for you being here, for you losing sleep at night, for you worrying about this not happening anymore.”

With proper permits, Caitlin Manor can welcome fright-seekers this year, though it will have to relocate, as neighbors’ complaints are what attracted the city’s attention in the first place, Reynoso said.