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Inovio Pharmaceuticals said that it has produced a pre-clinical vaccine to fight the deadly COVID-19 coronavirus at its lab in San Diego.

The company, based in Plymouth Meeting, Pa., used its proprietary DNA-based technology platform to design the synthetic vaccine within hours of getting the genetic sequencing of the virus.

Inovio did not respond to phone calls and emails seeking comment. But in an interview with Yahoo! Finance on Friday, Chief Executive Dr. J. Joseph Kim said that the company aims to test its vaccine in the U.S. and China as early as this summer.

“Inovio was able to move very rapidly based on our DNA medicine platform where we can design and construct our vaccine just based on the DNA sequence of the virus,” said Kim. “What we have been able to do is bring in the funding to execute the trials quickly. And we are working with different manufacturers to scale up as we need.”

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