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A group of residents and business owners placed a “Santa Monica is not safe” banner in one of the city’s most popular shopping areas.

Video Tuesday morning showed the large banner posted next to the Adidas store at the 3rd Street Promenade where thousands of holiday shoppers and tourists are sure to see it.

Just below the “Santa Monica is not safe” sign is a second message stating, “Crime… Depravity… Outdoor Mental Asylum.”

A group called the Santa Monica Coalition claimed responsibility for the sign, which they hope will bring attention to the area’s homeless and crime issues.

“Take a look around downtown Santa Monica or any of the main business thoroughfares and you will notice that more than 40% of all businesses are shut down … Our city has been taken over by the mentally ill and addicted who desperately need help,” a portion of the message posted on the group’s website reads.

The coalition is calling on the city manager and other leadership to enforce laws and create new services for the mentally ill.

The city of Santa Monica issued a statement regarding the sign.

“It’s sad that a small group of landlords are working against our collective success through signage,” the city said in a statement.

The group wants to leave the sign at the Promenade until the new year and then start moving it to different locations throughout the city.