Calling all adventurers and travel bloggers: the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is auctioning off a used school bus that could be the perfect DIY project for you.

The 2002 Blue Bird All-American school bus seats 84 people and is a prime option to be converted into the ultimate camper or home on wheels.

The school district is auctioning off the bus, with proceeds from the sale going back into the school district for various projects and other necessities, like school supplies and educational programs.

The bus features a John Deere natural gas engine with 262,000 miles. The vehicle was serviced regularly due to its use in the school bus fleet and its natural gas tank is good through March 2036, officials say. The bus also features an Allison World Transmission, lap belts and a child check system.

The online auction is open to the public at with bidding starting at $1,000. The auction will end on Monday, April 24.

School district officials hope that the bus can find a new life as a personal recreation vehicle or other do-it-yourself project.

“Travel enthusiasts and DIY fanatics would have a blast converting this bus into the road trip vessel of their dreams,” Municibid said in a news release. “Upcycling has exploded in popularity over the years, and it is now being seen all over the automotive space. Creative visionaries are now refurbishing vehicles like school buses that are no longer being used and repurposing them by giving them a completely new look and life.”

The bus could be customized to include a sleeping area, kitchen, TV, meditation space and more, Municibid suggests.