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charlie-sheenCALABASAS, Calif. — Actor Charlie Sheen — know for his Twitter rants — is accused of placing students at a school in Calabasas at risk with a post on Thursday.

Sheen tweeted that his daughter was bullied out of Viewpoint School and called a liar. “This is a legitimate call to arms,” he posted.

He urged anyone with “rotted eggs, a roll of toilet paper” or dog waste to deliver it with “extreme prejudice” to Viewpoint School.

Sheen encouraged his followers to make him proud and not tolerate the disrespect to his daughter.

He said they should smear the excrement in the name of the child he apparently believes was involved in the bullying.

In a statement to The Los Angeles Times, Viewpoint School said its “highest priority is the safety, security and education of our students.”

“Like all responsible schools across our nation, we are concerned when any individual uses a social media forum to encourage actions that may risk the safety and security of any school,” the school said.

The school did not mention Sheen by name, but noted that the student in question has not attended the school since March 2012.

“Our administrators addressed the issue appropriately at that time. Our school takes accusations of bullying very seriously,” the school added in a statement.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials said they sent deputies to the school and found no problems.