One person was taken to the hospital after an explosion in a science building at the University of Southern California campus Thursday.  

Calls about the explosion came in at around 4 p.m., the Los Angeles Fire Department said in a news release.  

Officials with USC’s Department of Public Safety announced that a gas leak was discovered at the Neely Petroleum Building on the southwest part of University Park Campus around 4:30 p.m.

“Fire department is on scene. Please stay away from the area,” USC officials said.  

Authorities with the fire department stated the building was being evacuated and that a hazmat task force was requested for a “thorough investigation.”  

An LAFD hazardous materials squad searched every floor of the building and found no leaks. “All readings (via handheld gas meter) were normal,” LAFD said in an updated news release.

USC also announced that normal campus activities had resumed and that the Neely Petroleum Engineering building and Hedco Chemical Engineering building had been reopened.

It is unclear at this time the size of the explosion, but the person being evaluated for injuries was able to evacuate the building and meet first responders on their own.