The search for a mountain lion that bit a 7-year-old boy at a park in Santa Clarita has ended without the big cat being captured, a wildlife official confirmed Thursday.

Officers were pulled from Pico Canyon Park as of Saturday and the park was reopened soon after, California Fish and Wildlife Captain Foy said in a statement about the search.

“CDFW personnel did NOT catch a mountain lion,” Foy stated about the six-day search.

Officials concluded that the lion was no longer in the park and that “there was no sign of it returning,” the statement read.

The boy, later identified as Knightley Quintos, was attacked on Sept. 26 as he walked up a flight of stairs in the park.

Quintos’ father was nearby and managed to scare the mountain lion away, officials said following the incident.

Quintos was hospitalized with relatively minor wounds but did need to be treated for possible rabies exposure.

While attacks by mountain lions are rare, the animals have killed three people in California in the past 40 years.

Wildlife experts say mountain lions typically pose little threat to humans and generally avoid any human interaction.