(NEXSTAR) – The second round of inflation relief payments – and the first round of debit card payments – will be mailed out starting Monday.

Since Oct. 7, the state has been issuing the Middle Class Tax Refund into millions of Californians’ bank accounts via direct deposit. Starting Monday, Oct. 24, California will begin putting debit cards in the mail.

The first batch of debit cards is being sent to people who received a Golden State Stimulus payment (GSS I or II) last year whose last names also start with letters A – E. Everyone in that group should have their payment mailed to them by Nov. 5, the Franchise Tax Board says.

California is sending out the debit cards in partnership with Money Network. They’ll look like the photo below, the Franchise Tax Board says, and you’ll need to activate the card online once you get one in the mail.

So far, only Californians who received a Golden State Stimulus check in 2021 have gotten this 2022 Middle Class Tax Refund. Thanks to a higher income limit, many more people qualify for this round of payments – they just haven’t been sent out yet.

The next round of direct deposits will start to be issued on Friday, Oct. 28. The next round of debit cards, for GSS I or II check recipients whose last names begin with letters F – M, starts Nov. 6.

Check here to see if you qualify for an inflation relief payment, also known as the Middle Class Tax Refund. For more on when you can expect to receive your payment, check here.

The payments range in size from $200 to $1,050. How much you get depends on your 2020 income, filing status and number of dependents.

The Franchise Tax Board expects to have issued about 8 million direct deposits and 10 million debit cards by early next year.