Long Beach business owners are left feeling helpless and frustrated after a string of overnight burglaries continues plaguing the city.

The latest burglary happened on Monday around 4:45 a.m. at the Prism Boutique near 4th and Termino.

The shop’s surveillance camera captures a thief breaking in and stealing the cash register as a security alarm is heard blaring in the background.

“I actually saw the intruder in my store live on my Nest camera and I was literally shaking,” said Dayna Mance, the shop’s owner. “I’ve never felt that kind of fear and violation.”

Mance said her business was vandalized before on Jan. 21. The thieves destroyed six windows white cutting off her electricity during that break-in.

“Instead of focusing on growing our businesses, we’re focusing on how to keep safe and truly, like the anxiety and the hits just keep coming,” said Mance.

Police are investigating several Long Beach burglaries that took place within the past few weeks, determining whether they may be connected. 

Next door to Mance’s shop, two hooded suspects were seen attempting to break into a store called Plantitas in early February. 

Once again, the crime was witnessed in real-time on the store’s security cameras. The suspects were ultimately unable to gain access. 

Next door, Viento y Agua Coffee House was also targeted, with its metal door left destroyed.

“For most of us this is our livelihood, so we’re really upset this is happening to such a great neighborhood and community,” said Yvonne Marquez, a local business owner:

In late January, three Belmont Heights restaurants were broken into including The Breakfast Bar and Speak Cheezy, both of which were robbed of several thousand dollars. The burglaries happened within a few blocks and a few hours of each other.

“This little crime wave, we don’t understand why, because we’re all small businesses and we’re just trying to survive,” said Marquez. 

Following the burglaries, Mance has added additional security measures to her store while suggesting other businesses do the same.

“I am telling all my small business owner friends to protect your store, use every measure possible to keep people out,” said Mance.

The suspects remain at large as Long Beach police continue searching through security footage while investigating the burglaries.