A 66-year-old woman with mobility issues had her service dog in training, a 100-pound German Shepard named Jack, stolen from her front yard in Long Beach.  

Security footage from a neighbor’s camera captured two men in separate cars pull up to Lisa Hartouni’s Cambodia Town home and corner Jack several days ago.  

“It’s devastating and it’s heartbreaking,” Hartouni told KTLA.  

The 66-year-old said she and Jack had gone for their daily afternoon walk and afterward, she let the German Shepard play in her fenced yard.  

“I went in to get some treats to play with him some more and he was gone,” she said.  

The security video shows the two men, both dressed in black, one wearing a shirt that reads “Long Beach Certified,” getting their hands on the dog, putting him in a white sedan and taking off.  

Hartouni said that just a few weeks ago, a man pulled up next to her motorized scooter while she was walking Jack and claimed that the dog belonged to his friend.  

The man then continued to slowly follow her and her pup.  

“I think I was watched,” Hartouni said. “He saw the dog and for some reason wanted the dog. I don’t think it was a friend’s dog. It was an excuse, a made-up story.”  

Despite her mobility issues, Hartouni, along with some neighbors, have placed flyers around the neighborhood. She’s hoping someone knows where Jack is and wishes that whoever stole her dog will do the right thing and return him.  

“They don’t have to give their name or number, just take him somewhere safe,” she said.  

Long Beach Police told KTLA that they are looking into the incident.