Set in L.A., ‘The Armenian Dating Show’ highlights modern dating in a traditional culture

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Picture this: You have to go on a blind date, but before you even meet your potential love interest, you have to meet their family.

That’s the premise of “The Armenian Dating Show,” set in the greater Los Angeles area. The first episode aired last month, with each episode already garnering about 65,000 views.

“Through the show, we explore Armenian culture, family dynamics, the idiosyncrasies,” says show creator and executive producer Anthony Dikran Abaci. “What’s it like to have a crazy Armenian aunt? What’s it like to have an intense Armenian dad?”

The show allows audiences a way to experience modern dating in a traditional culture, and has been an instant success in the Armenian American community and beyond.

“It was very nerve wracking because I’ve never had anyone I’ve dated meet my friends or family,” says Vanessa Ansoorian, a main character on the show. “So now that they’re doing it before they even meet me, was just too much for me to handle. But I was like, let’s do it.”

The show was created by Miaseen Inc., a media company with a digital-first approach, seeking to craft engaging and compelling content.

“We created The Armenian Dating Show to bring our community a show we can all be proud of and take joy in watching, while highlighting everyday Armenians to provide the proper media representation we deserve,” the show’s website states. “With a dating show, mainstream audiences are able to easily fall in love with the stories of our fun Armenian families and the idiosyncrasies of our beautiful culture.”

Watch the show on Youtube now.

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