Deputy Fired Over Lying About Being Shot by Sniper in Lancaster, Sheriff Says

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The deputy who admitted to lying about being shot by a sniper outside the Los Angeles County sheriff’s Lancaster station last week has been terminated, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Wednesday.

As of Tuesday night, 21-year-old Angel Reinosa is no longer employed by the county, the sheriff said.  He’s now the subject of a criminal investigation and could possibly face charges involving the false reporting of a crime and recovery of the cost spent over the large law enforcement response he triggered, Villanueva added.

The sheriff declined to confirm whether or not Reinosa had been the subject of a previous probe over dishonesty, as sources told the L.A. Times.

Reinosa falsely reported being targeted in the station’s parking lot the afternoon of Aug. 21, the Sheriff’s Department disclosed three days after the incident.

He confessed to using a knife to cut two holes in his uniform, according to the agency. The “pellet gun rifle,” which the Sheriff’s Department announced recovering the day after the “shooting,” was determined to be unrelated to the incident.

Authorities had said Reinosa suffered a “very minor” wound.



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