Sheriff’s Patrol Car Involved in Crash in Lancaster

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A deputy suffered injuries but is expected to be OK after being involved in a violent crash at a Lancaster intersection on Saturday, officials said. The crash took place about 3 p.m. at Sierra Highway and Avenue K, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department officials said.
A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department patrol car was involved in a crash in Lancaster on April 20, 2019. (Credit: DonLuisMeza Video/Christopher Salazar)
A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol car was involved in a crash in Lancaster on April 20, 2019. (Credit: DonLuisMeza Video)
A deputy was responding to a call “code 3,” with his emergency lights and siren activated, when the patrol car was struck on the passenger side, officials said. Video footage from a a witness shows the patrol car proceeding slowly through the intersection, through a red light, when it is struck by the truck. Following the initial impact, the patrol car careened into another car. The involved deputy was taken to a hospital with a cut to his head and other injuries that were considered minor, sheriff’s officials said. No one in the other vehicles desired to be taken to a hospital. Noemi Mrtell was riding as a passenger in the car struck in the secondary impact. “I was at a red light. All the cars had stopped because the cop car had its sirens on, ready to go,” she said. “That’s when the truck came in full speed, didn’t see the cop car. Neither one stopped and he T-boned the cop, and the cop swerved and hit us.” Mrtell said she likely suffered some whiplash in the collision, “But I’ll be OK.” The deputy wasn’t as fortunate, she said. “He looked pretty beaten up. He was bleeding from his head. It was bad,” Mrtell said. The driver of the pickup truck was not arrested or cited, and there were no overt signs of impairment, sheriff’s officials said. The investigation was ongoing.

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