Shifting Hillside Home in South Pasadena Prompts Evacuations

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Emergency crews were called to a hillside home that began to shift in a South Pasadena neighborhood Tuesday evening, causing structural damage and prompting authorities to evacuate some residents. Police and firefighters came to a home in the 1800 block of Hanscom Drive after cracks began forming in the driveway. Crews raced to evacuate residents adjacent to and below the home. Inspectors say this is not a weather related event. A broken water pipe is believed to be the cause of the shift, but crews said the constant seeping water could cause the ground to keep shifting. The driveway buckled and dropped several feet as water pooled beneath it. KTLA spoke with homeowners who had just pulled into the driveway when they heard the ground cracking and walls popping. “I quickly said, ‘we better move the cars,'” resident Bob Lyons said. “You could hear cracks, creaking. Wood and whatever underneath there. So we got the cars out of the driveway just in time because it started to collapse as soon as I got the car out.” “It was very scary. I’m just glad that we weren’t in the house,” resident Barbara Watkins said. “If it had to happen, it was the best time because we happened to be just getting home. Because if we’d been inside or if it happened in the middle of the night, heaven only knows what would happen.” “We’re not seeing any indication that the main house is sliding at all, but we are concerned about the possibility,” Chris Szenczi with South Pasadena Fire Department said. In total, five homes were evacuated. Foundation specialists and geologists will inspect the area to make sure things are safe.

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