Call it a sign of the times.

Kitson, a popular fashion and accessories boutique in Beverly Hills, has started barring customers from wearing masks.

No, it isn’t a political protest against COVID-19 rules. Instead, the aim is to protect customers and staff – and keep merchandise on the racks.

Beverly Hills has seen a spike in shoplifting, violent crime, and smash-and-grab robberies. Several shop owners tell KTLA they had to close because the area has become too dangerous.

On Monday, customers weighed in on the store’s new no-mask policy.

“It’s a really scary world we’re living in, and you never think it’s going to happen where you are. But it’s everywhere and no one is immune, unfortunately,” Tracey Perles told KTLA.

“I think I’d do the same,” Charlie Crompton said.

Kitson says customers who are concerned about COVID and want to wear a mask will have to make an appointment to shop during non-business hours.