Snow Melts After Making Rare Appearance in High Desert, But the Deep Cold Will Stick Around

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The blanket of snow that a winter storm brought to the High Desert Thursday had melted off by night, but meteorologists say the freezing temperatures will stick around.

The Antelope Valley was one of many Southern California areas to get a rare dusting of white powder with the arrival of a very cold storm in an already wet winter.

Temperatures in Palmdale dropped as low as 34 degrees, according to the National Weather Service, and the day’s highest temperature, 44 degrees, was 19 degrees lower than average. Wind gusts reached up to 27 mph.

NWS said only trace amounts of snowfall were recorded, but those who live in the area certainly noticed it.

“I’ve always liked the snow out here because it comes, it’s here for a day or so and then goes away and doesn’t bother anybody,” Lancaster resident Robin Andersen said. “It’s enough for the kids to play in and have fun, and then it goes away.”

Keith Brew, who lives in Palmdale, said he wasn’t particularly keen on snow, but it certainly beats rain.

“It is a little cold, it hurts your bones, but it’s OK,” he told KTLA. “It’s better than rain. Rain makes you wet; snow makes you happy.”

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