Southern California residents flocked to beaches to beat the heat on this Labor Day, crowding roads and parking lots.

One Downtown Los Angeles resident came to the beach to cool down as temperatures in his area are predicted to reach 99 degrees.

“Our A.C. and lights are flickering on and off with the grid being stressed, “the resident said.

Another beachgoer was late arriving at the beach but was set on working out amid high temperatures.

“I’m going to keep my heart rate going and sweat a little bit extra,” the lady said.

The National Weather Service has released Excessive Heat warnings for most Southern California counties, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Bernardino County.

Temperatures for Labor Day can reach up to 113 degrees in some areas in L.A. County, while the coastal and beach areas are likely to remain in the low to upper 80s range.

Lifeguards are urging people to bring umbrellas for their beach day because too much sun could result in heat-related illness. They also want people to stay hydrated and remain in the shade as much as possible.

L.A. county has added more staff to various beaches to keep up with the influx of people.