A food vendor is claiming a SoFi Stadium employee aggressively shoved her hot dog stand over after a concert this weekend, injuring her daughter in the process, and now the family is demanding answers.  

Video taken after the alleged Saturday night incident, which happened as concertgoers were streaming out of the Inglewood venue, shows cooking pans and food strewn across the sidewalk and the gutter.  

The two carts were reportedly shoved over by a SoFi employee who works with the “guest experience” team.  

Vendor cart toppled at SoFi
Lesbia Tol’s three children, seen here, were watching the cart when she stepped away for a bathroom break and the alleged incident occurred on June 3, 2023. (Enamoradoalex_)

One of the food carts belonged to Bakersfield resident Lesbia Tol. She told KTLA she had stepped away for a bathroom break. Her three children were looking after the cart when the alleged incident happened.

“When he pulled the car, I start crying because I was scared about it,” 12-year-old Marlyn Roquel, Tol’s oldest daughter, said.  

Tol said she usually leaves her children with a babysitter, but the sitter was unavailable that night and she had nowhere else to leave them while she worked.  

Witnesses said the SoFi employee was telling street vendors to move back, but then took matters into his own hands. According to the family, the 12-year-old was holding onto the cart when the man pushed it away, injuring her. 

Vendor cart toppled at SoFi
A vendor’s food seen toppled to the ground after she alleges a SoFi Stadium employee pushed the cart on purpose June3, 2023. (Enamoradoalex_)

“I didn’t do nothing, just looking at him,” the 12-year-old girl told KTLA. “So, he said, ‘Oh, you guys don’t move, then you guys are going to see me mad. So, he bumped the other person’s…hotdog stand.”  

Community activists are calling for the man to be fired. In the meantime, Tol says she will continue selling her food.  

As for the Inglewood venue, SoFi Stadium released a statement that read in part: 

“Maintaining a safe environment is our number one priority, and we regularly evaluate staffing and protocols across all of our vendors to ensure an enjoyable entertainment experience.”