Nearly a year after California started issuing the Middle Class Tax Refund, colloquially known as inflation relief checks, a “very small number” of eligible recipients still haven’t received their payments, the Franchise Tax Board said.

The payments, which range from $200 to $1,050 depending on the recipient, started going out on Oct. 7, 2022. Since then, the FTB says it has issued about 7.2 million direct deposits and mailed about 9.6 million debit cards. The total amount of money sent out tops $9 billion, according to the agency.

While the vast majority of those eligible for the tax refund have long received what they are due, about 5,000 new payments are still being processed, the FTB told Nexstar. They should be processed by the end of the month, the agency said.

If you believe you’re eligible, but haven’t received your payment yet, the FTB first suggests you review the eligibility requirements and double check you are in fact due a Middle Class Tax Refund. (You can read all the exceptions and requirements on the FTB’s site.)

If you still think your payment is missing, here’s what the agency says you should do:

Expecting a debit card but didn’t get one?

You should contact Money Network, the vendor California is using to issue the payments, by calling (800) 240-0223. You’ll follow the prompts based on your situation. Listen for “If you have not received your debit card” and follow the instructions.

Expecting a direct deposit but didn’t get one?

If you believe you were eligible for a direct deposit, check your bank statements dating back to October 2022 and confirm you don’t see anything that says “FTB MCT Refund.” That’s your refund – and you may have received it without realizing it.

Moved recently?

If you think you may have missed your debit card because of a recent address change, you can update your address with the FTB at Search for “MyFTB” to create an account and change your address. You’ll need a copy of a recent tax return, the agency says.

Lose your debit card?

Call (800) 240-0223 and follow the prompts to indicate you’ve lost your debit card.