Mother Says Special Needs Son Assaulted by Classmate

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INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KTLA) — Some alleged incidents of sexual abuse have parents at an Inglewood elementary school concerned.

A mother tells KTLA exclusively that her son, who has autism, was sexually molested by another special needs student.

We are concealing the identity of the mother to protect the identity of her child, who attends Highland Elementary in Inglewood.

The first incident happened in the boys bathroom back in January, the mother says.

“My son and the other student were in the boys restroom unsupervised and another student walked in and witnessed them with both of their trousers and underwear off standing in the stall,” she said.

“The student was behind my son, and the witness that walked in saw him groping my son’s behind.”

The mother says a third student who witnessed the alleged abuse reported it to the school’s principal.

The principal pulled the two boys involved out of class together and asked them if it was true.

“I was afraid to tell her what happened,” her son says.

The alleged victim tells us he did not speak up until three months later, when it started to happen again.

“My son was in the cafeteria and from the report he said the student pulled his private area out under the table,” the mother says.

The boy told his teacher, but still, no one told his mother. She was in the dark until mid-April, when a social worker from Child and Family Services came to her door.

The social worker was responding to a recent report from the school’s principal.

“I pick him up personally from the classroom every day, and no one’s told me anything about any allegations,” she insists.

“The whole time he’s not being watched and the whole time they’re not knowing what’s going on in the school and what these students are doing.”

“They’re special needs kids,” she added. “They’re supposed to be monitored, they’re supposed to be getting help for what they’re already going through.”

KTLA spoke with another parent, who says her son told her that the same student molested him in the boys bathroom back in November.

She reported it to the school, but nothing was done.

Now, according to school administrators, the reported student has been suspended and is facing expulsion.

But did months of silence put more and more students unnecessarily at risk?

–Carolyn Costello, KTLA News

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