Editor’s note: This story was updated to correct a misspelling.

The mother of the victim in a fatal stabbing has filed a lawsuit against the owners of her son’s Anaheim apartment complex and his employer, as his suspected killer was a coworker who was allowed to remain inside the apartment complex for hours before the slaying, her attorney says.

Griffin Cuomo, 23, and his roommate, Jonathan Bahm, were fatally stabbed on April 19.

Police arrested Ramy Fahim, a coworker of Cuomo’s who was known to have “a long history of mental health issues and a documented propensity for violence,” according to a news release from Ray Boucher, the lawyer representing Cuomo’s mother, Wendy.

Fahim, an Irvine resident who was 26 at the time, snuck into the Stadium House Apartments in Anaheim and was allowed to stay for more than six hours, even after he was discovered by security, the lawsuit alleges.

Fahim apparently was targeting Cuomo, as he learned of Cuomo’s address from their shared employer, Pence Wealth Management, where he developed a reputation for erratic behavior, Boucher said.

“He acted out at work on a number of occasions towards several employees, including Griffin, both screaming and yelling and threatening,” the lawyer explained. “We understand he had a list of employees that he had a grudge with and that he intended to take steps against. And Griffin was on that list, as it turns out.”

Despite his reputation, Fahim was allowed to continue work at Pence Wealth Management because of a personal relationship between his mother, former Egyptian Minister of Immigration and Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram, and Laila Pence, cofounder of the firm.

“Any other corporation that didn’t have the relationship that it was trying to maintain would have dismissed Ramy a long, long time ago,” Boucher said.

The lawsuit alleges negligence leading to wrongful death, and it was filed in the Superior Court of Orange County.

Pence Wealth Management and Advanced Group, the apartment complex’s owner, have not responded to KTLA’s requests for comment.