A parrot that was stolen off a front porch in Santa Ana has been reunited with its owners more than two weeks after it was taken. 

Luna, the 10-year-old African Gray Parrot and beloved family pet of the Gerardo family, was stolen off their front porch while still in her cage on March 12. Doorbell camera footage caught one thief walking up to the porch and snatching the cage with the bird still in it, while another thief acted as the getaway driver.  

A break in the case came when a detective and members of the AB 109 Task Force, which checks up on probationers, identified the main suspect and searched his home, where they were unsuccessful in finding him, but were successful in recovering Luna. 

“Upon the search of the residence, they located the parrot, however the suspect was not home,” said Officer Natalie Garcia with the Santa Ana Police Department. “They found a female that was residing at that residence, and she stated that the parrot was actually gifted to her by the suspect.” 

Overall, the Gerardo family is just happy to have their beloved bird back in their possession, saying that the effects of the theft were hard on both the owner and her pet. 

“We couldn’t really adjust to her loss,” said Karen Gerardo, Luna’s owner. “Birds like this imprint on a person so it affects them also.” 

Police have identified the main suspect but will not release his name as they are actively searching for him and he is wanted in other cases as well. The second suspect in the theft has not yet been identified. 

Anyone with information on this theft is asked to contact Detective A. Castro at 714-245-8345.