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With Los Angeles County in the midst of an unprecedented surge in coronavirus cases, officials announced Wednesday that they are relaxing parking enforcement in unincorporated areas.

There will be no ticketing for street-sweeping violations or expired registration effective immediately, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

“The recent stay-at-home order issued in early December, brought to light once again the need for additional parking across Los Angeles County,” the department wrote.

Other types of parking enforcement will continue in unincorporated areas, including for blocked driveways and fire hydrants, parking in red zones, metered parking in business districts and handicap parking violations.

The Sheriff’s Department did not set a date for the relaxed enforcement to expire.

About 1 million people live in the county’s unincorporated areas, according to the county planning department.

Tickets will still be given out during street sweeping in the city of L.A.

The city had relaxed its parking enforcement in March, but its usual rules were put back in place Oct. 15.

With COVID-19 case increases repeatedly setting records and fears of intensive care units reaching capacity, L.A. Mayor Garcetti has encouraged residents to stay home but kept parking enforcement in full effect.

To encourage residents to pay citations promptly, the city is offering a $20 discount on citations paid within 48 hours.