Street vendors and supporters to rally in downtown L.A. to protest recent raids, push for more equitable policies

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Hundreds of street vendors will be rallying Tuesday in downtown Los Angeles to protest recent crackdowns on their businesses by the county public health department.

Some street vendors and their supporters are pushing for city and county leaders to come up with a more business-friendly policy on vending in the Southland.

“We’re out here rallying and protesting against the recent attacks that vendors have experienced at the hands of the city and the county health department,” said Carla De Paz, senior organizer with Community Power Collective. “Out of the 10,000 food street vendors in the city, only 2% have gotten permits. And that’s because it’s practically impossible for a street food vendor to go through the county health department’s process.”

She said that local street vendors are asking the county health department to update their vending rules and to work with the vendors in the proccess.

“It’s a broken system,” De Paz said. “We need to fix it because we can’t penalize poor working people for not getting a permit that is impossible to get.”

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