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Video taken in Newport Beach Wednesday captured a dazzling display of light as dolphins swam through bioluminescent waters.

The rare phenomenon, also known as sea sparkle, can sometimes happen when rains bring a coastal red tide that carries tiny bioluminescent organisms up to the surface.

And though in the daytime the waters look a rusty red, the dark makes it easier to see the brilliant bright blue glow.

The organisms, bioluminescent phytoplankton, flicker from the movement of surrounding water, producing bursts of light that can be seen in waves crashing on the shores or water hitting the sides of boats.

Local photographer Patrick Coyne filmed the stunning display, calling it one of the most magical nights of his life.

He shared the video online, saying that capturing the rare phenomenon had been a dream of his ever since he saw it in a documentary months ago.

“We were out for a few hours and on our final stretch back we finally had 2 Dolphins pop up to start the incredible glowing show,” Coyne wrote. “A few minutes later and we were greeted by a few more which was incredible.”