Yet again, Southern Californians are feeling the heat as offshore flow combines with a high-pressure system to bring warm and dry weather through Thursday, and a moderate Santa Ana wind event through Friday that will keep temperatures well above normal, the National Weather Service reported.  

Inland temperatures, according to KTLA Weatherman Kaj Goldberg, are forecast to be in the uppers 90s to low triple digits.  

As the weak Santa Ana winds move into SoCal, keeping up the heat all the way through the weekend, air quality is also expected to diminish with the hot, dry winds. The winds are forecast to peak today, with gusts of 25-40 miles per hour.  

The skies are expected to remain mostly clear through Saturday. 

The hottest weather will come Thursday-Friday, and while weekend temps will be warmer than normal, the region is unlikely to see any of those low triple digits.  

“Late Sunday into Monday, we’ll see the offshore flow start to weaken and the onshore flow gains momentum and that will bring us cooler temperatures and a strong marine layer,” Goldberg said.  

As for today, temps are almost 10 degrees above normal and as much as 20 degrees above yesterday’s pace, according to the NWS.  

High temperatures as of 1 p.m. Oct. 4, 2023. (NWS)

With the unseasonably warm temperatures Thursday through Saturday, the weather service is encouraging people, especially vulnerable populations like the elderly and young children, to avoid or limit outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day, drink plenty of fluids and dress in loose fitting, lightweight and light-colored clothing.