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Police were investigating a violent attack outside a South Los Angeles store that left a shop owner injured, authorities confirmed on Wednesday.

The daughter of the 56-year-old victim said in a Facebook post that the assault occurred on Sept. 21 outside the 55th Street Market.

The incident began shortly after 6:30 p.m., when three people — believed to be minors — came into the store to grab chips, sodas and alcohol, the owner’s daughter, Beetna Lee, stated in her post. The owner asked the two boys and girl to show him their IDs.

The trio replied that they would do so once the owner went behind the counter, Lee wrote. Her father refused and an argument ensued.

Then, a few minutes later, the group of youngsters left.

But around 7 p.m., they came back to the store with at least four others, according to Lee. The owner told the group they had to leave, when “the main guy” confronted him, Lee wrote.

“My dad had pepper spray and warned them to leave but they refused because they wanted to walk out with the alcohol,” she wrote. “Another kid at the counter tried to distract my dad saying he needed a pompom and to get him one. My dad said no everyone has to go.”

The argument proceeded outside, where one of the juveniles smashed a bottle over the store owner’s head, and at least two others rushed him as he passed out, according to Lee.

The group then kicked, stomped and even stabbed the victim while he lay motionless on the street, the daughter said. A surveillance camera outside the shop captured the violent attack.

An official with the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed the incident was under investigation, but did not immediately provide any further information.

Lee did not specify the extent of her father’s injuries, but said he was recovering and would be OK.

She asked for the public’s help in finding those responsible for injuring her father, and urged anyone with information to call LAPD.

“Sometimes people in the neighborhood don’t like to call in and talk to the cops. But … we’re a community; we’ve been here for 20 years,” Lee told KTLA. “So … if you see anything, just call the police.”

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