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Nearly nine out of 10 Los Angeles Police Department officers did not feel supported by Chief Michel Moore and did not believe he or other commanders provided strong leadership during recent protests and unrest, according to a summer survey conducted by the officers’ union.

Many officers said Moore should resign, accusing him in comments they submitted with the survey of “cowering” to Black Lives Matter protesters, “pandering” to city politicians and “not having an organized plan” during the unrest, the union said.

Nearly 70% of respondents said the department was unprepared for the protests, which following the May police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and close to 40% said they were thinking of leaving the force.

The results, published this week in the union’s Thin Blue Line newsletter, reflect low morale among officers at a critical time in American policing and should raise alarms for Angelenos about the LAPD’s path forward at a time of increasing violence, Los Angeles Police Protective League officials said.

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