L.A. police arrested a suspect Monday believed to be responsible for more than a dozen car fires in the Tujunga area. 

Video shows a man on a bike torching a blue pickup truck this morning and then casually riding away.  

“We heard car horns beeping and my wife went outside and looked, and she ran back inside and said, ‘The truck is on fire,’ and thought how this could be. It’s been sitting there. There’s nothing wrong with the truck,” Richard Poquette, the vehicle’s owner told KTLA. 

  • Car arrest in Tujunga
  • Car arrest in Tujunga

Detectives with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Foothill Division, along with arson investigators from the Los Angeles Fire Department, have been working to identify the suspect responsible.  

Police said that a person was observed and taken into custody Monday, though they did not confirm whether it was the person in the video seen lighting the truck on fire.