Investigators are searching for a woman who was seen on security camera footage leaving two pipe bombs at a man’s home in Yucaipa Monday morning.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, a man called 911 around 7:15 a.m. after he discovered a small box in his driveway. The box contained two “cylinder objects with fuses.”

Sheriff’s deputies from the Yucaipa Police Department responded and verified that the objects were “consistent with explosive devices, specifically pipe bombs.”

The Sheriff’s Department arson and bomb squad responded to the scene and rendered the two pipe bombs safe. Although specific details were not released, typically, homemade explosive devices are disposed of in a controlled detonation.

Security footage from the area appeared to show a woman, possibly homeless, leave the box behind. Investigators do not believe that the victim was specifically targeted or that the devices were left behind with “malicious intent.”

Authorities also added that there is currently no known threat to the greater public.

Anyone with information about the devices or the woman who may have left them at the home is urged to submit a tip online or contact the Yucaipa Police Department at 909-918-2305.

Citizens are also urged to be cautious around suspicious objects and call 911 and avoid touching them if found.